Tuesday 4 October 2011

On a Wet Night

Last night, the thunder storm came again at 3am in the morning. It was a mega downpour like Biblical. A wall of water on my windscreen was too much for my wiper blades to cope with, that together with pools of water on the road made it difficult for me to drive. I wanted to call it a day but my taking was horrible on a usual quite Monday night. So, I decided to drive around the city hoping for a flag down. Bus stop after bus stop and buildings after buildings, not a single soul were around to stick their hand out. What do you expect at 3am on wet, wet Monday morning?. But sometimes, strange thing do happen and irrational human reaction is beyond comprehension. Let me explain.

Outside the General Hospital Emergency Building, a young lady was walking along the pavement with a huge umbrella. The road was flooded with puddle of water at it sides. With her umbrella, she must be thinking that there's no way the rain is getting her wet and I thought she could be my potential customer. Suddenly a van came from nowhere, overtook me and drove straight towards the young lady, hitting the "stream-like" puddle of water.  "Swwoooosh!!. Ten times worse than any water-ride at a theme park. A ton of water drenched her from head to foot. Instead of screaming furiously at the van driver, she was surprisingly laughing her head off! Is this is General Hospital or Woodbridge - a mental disorder hospital?, I asked myself. Quickly. I stopped beside her hoping she would get into my cab but she waved me off and continued laughing. She must be crazy. I thought. If I had caught it on video camera, the footage of her under the van-made "waterfall" would made it to YouTube with a million hits. And I'm sure the million would "voyeur" at her gorgeous body through her drenched translucent dress.  
                                             Wet, Wet, Wet


Anonymous said...

Hi James, like you I hv been driving cab fo last 2 years after being "retired" working 30+ years in coporate life.
Last monday driving around 4.10am during heavy downpour met with a terrible accident luckly no one hurt..thank God...dropped of pax at T3 and one way home , cab skided and span along ECP, cab badly damaged front and rear. Sonata roadholding is questionable esp when road surface is wet so be very careful..drive safe.


Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Thanks for your comment, which is a rare commodity in this blog. I love it. Yes, drive safe always. Thanks & take care.

James Lim