Friday 21 October 2011

Two Female Villains

Every now and then, I've passengers leaving things behind in my cab, things like cell phone, sandals, wallets, laptops, bottles, cans etc....The more expensive stuffs are usually returned to the passengers, while the cheap items are dumped into the nearest dustbins. Talking about bottles and cans in my taxi, I had a very satisfying experience only last night.

At about 11pm, a call booking came in to pick someone at house in Napier Road, an exclusive residential estate. As I approached the house, I saw 2 very young ladies waiting at the gate, drinking & smoking. As they ambled near to my taxi, I could see that they were unmistakably white teenagers with baby faces. They threw their cigarettes away, but tried to get in with their drink in bottles.

"Sorry girls no drink in my taxi" I said.

“Shit..., we won’t spill it, driver" said a girl in British accent.

I repeated myself "NO DRINK IN MY TAXI!"

“f@#%” one of them said as they went to put the drink back in the house.
Ten seconds later they were in the back of my taxi, bottle free, or at least I thought so.

During the journey to the nightspot- "St. James at Sentosa", one of the girls kept repeating to herself star sign Leo, ../../91 star sign Leo”. I could guess that she was underage and was practicing her birthday. Through my rear view mirror, I saw both applying heavy makeup on their face. Within seconds, they transformed themselves into present day Britney Spears and Emma Watson. Now, they were beautiful ladies, not boisterous kids. Nobody could recoznise them as teenagers anymore.

When we arrived at St. James, the fare was $9.50. They gave me a $100 note. I had to empty all my collection of the evening to gave them the change. They demanded a receipt and I got them one. I've no problem with that but what they said as they left, got me really pissed off. "F...king bastard". came the words and it pierces through my heart. Obviously, the words were targeted at me. I've never been scolded with such vulgarities in my adult life. I searched my entire soul for what have I done to deserve such senseless verbal abuse. Maybe it was my refusal to let them drink in my taxi earlier. That thought made me turned around to check whether any bottles were left in my taxi. Yes, an Heineken bottle with spill was on the mat.

I winded down my window and shouted “Sorry girls you will have to take the bottle with you” I said, to which they replied “FUCK OFF” and gave me the middle finger. I had bitten the bullet long enough. I instantly parked and locked my taxi. The girls were a few meters away, standing and smoking. I didn't go after them. In fact, I avoided them as I've no intention of an ugly confrontation with 2 young girls. But I hurriedly went up to the doors of St. James with the said bottles in my hand and waited for them to get to the front of the queue.

As they approached the doormen they could see me with the bottles waiting for them. Closer & closer they came, then BAM I stepped in. “Ladies you left this bottle in my taxi”,
The doormen looked at me and the girls and they said they had never seen me before and the bottles were not theirs. “Ok that's fine” I said, and pointed out to the doorman that one of the girls was underage and had been practicing her date of birth all the way in.
So behold!!,  the doorman asked them one by one their date of birth and said "SORRY LADIES NOT TONIGHT". Then I said to the girls “do you remember me now?” To which a torrid of abuse was thrown at me, but I was happy and satisfied that I got even with them. As for the girls, they got into another taxi and went home.
                                                         Emma Watson

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From Abidjan said...

nice one! karma gets served back when least expected. hahaha