Friday 12 August 2011

Life without Music

" I see trees of roses too
I see em bloom...........for me and for you
And I think to myself...........what a wonderful world"

the soothing sound of music and crackly voice of Louis Armstrong, coming through the airway of my radio is like the fresh breeze from the mighty ocean caressing my roughened face. It always evoke special moments for me, as I routinely cruise along the highway in the wee hours of the night.

I can't imagine a world without music. It would be like a world without colors, plants without flowers, words without feelings, humor with laughter, national anthem without sound. Music drives our emotion and connects our soul. How do we waltz without music? Sing without a tune?. A world devoid of music is a pitiful world like a beautiful lake devoid of water. Thanks to the talented songwriters and lyricists, we now have a wonderful world, like the evergreen Louis Armstrong's song.

I don't have any musical gifts but can pitch and sing, Only in my twilight years that I started to really enjoy singing in Karaoka clubs, although music has filled my life since as a teenagers. I wish I have the voice of my idol -Tom Jones, to hold my friends attention in awe and admiration. Wishful thinking is my way of getting cheap thrills, of creating a stage of my own, nursing a hungry appetite and then letting go what is not to be.

Too many of us are engrossed in the pursue of material things that we often neglect to appreciate and enjoy the simple things in life. I could visualize vivid images from the past on hearing the familiar tune of Tom Jone's
"Green, Green Grass of Home". Music soothe my soul, gives me peace, connects me to my past, colors my life. Whenever I hear my favorite songs from the sixties to the eighties, it triggers fond memories of my youth. From time to time I would like to share with you some of these song. For now it's Louis Armstrong 's 'It's a Wonderful World' that take control and flavors my day.
another of my favorite song. " Green, Green Grass of Home" by the irreplaceable Tom Jones.

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Jun said...

You r still very young, at heart.. Haha dun worry, b happy!