Saturday 27 August 2011

Presidential Election.

It was passed mid-night. A booking came in to pick someone at Flower Road, a private estate around Kovan in Upper Serangoon. With the help our company's GPS map, I had no problem in reaching the destination in three minutes. A British couple boarded after biding farewell to their host and asked to be taken to Old Holland Road. As I drove off, they began their conversation in soft voice in the beginning but later to a volume I couldn't help overhearing. They seem oblivious to my presence and began to converse like they were alone in bed. It was obvious that they were a loving couple, with the husband being more forceful in exerting his opinion during their discussion.

While they were talking about an impending outing in the evening with their children to a movie at Cine-Leisure, the wife suddenly asked "Uncle, do you know when the Presidential Election result will be announced tomorrow".
"At 10pm. It'll be shown live on Channel 5". I replied and asked. "I'm surprise you are interested in our PE. Are you voting too?.
"No, We've lived here for two years and knows what's going on". the wife answered. 
She continued," I'm deeply impressed by the last speaker on tonight's TV broadcast. He was talking about how his wife helped him in his campaign and his care for the poor"
"Do you know who is he?. Was he wearing a spectacle?. Was he a medical doctor? I bombarded her with rapid questions as I missed the TV broadcast and was curious to know.
"I think he is a medical doctor. Based solely on his speech tonight, I'll vote for him if I'm a Singaporean". she replied without hesitation and wanted to continue but her husband interrupted and said
"Uncle, Singapore is such a small country but it's known all over the world as a miracle nation. What do you think of LKY?". I wasn't surprised by his question as I sensed they were keen in local politic and wish to hear an opinion from an ordinary cabby.
"Well, LKY had brought Singapore to what's today. I'm deeply indebted but as a normal human being, he is fallible." I answered and hoped he was satisfied. But, no, he wasn't.
He went on to say "I saw a documentary on CNN recently and they were discussing about the dictators of the world, such as F. Marcos, Col. Qaddafi, A. Pinochet and LKY!. The only different was that LKY did not stash away millions, which he easily could and................."
"Only God knows" I cut him short and began my rattling. "He runs this place like a corporation and use profit as a guiding principle in all his policies. He had tediously built a huge reserve and will not allow welfarism or a non-PAP government to drain it. Simultaneously, he needs a PAP endorsed President to guard it carefully. Therefore, our President is only a custodian of his reserve. Sad to say, more could be used of the reserve, which were ultimately derived from the blood and sweat of the people of Singapore, to help the deserving poor."

With that we ended our conversation and they departed. Today is election day for our President and I think, my family and I know whom to vote after my impromptu meeting with the British couple. But whoever is elected will not impact my life as a cabby in anyway, as he is only a ceremonial figure and a custodian of LKY's reserve.
           1.Tan Cheng Bock. 2.Tan Jee Say. 3.Tony Tan. 4.Tan Kin Kin Lian  

                               A funny "YouTube" video of "All is Tan" for a good laugh.

Final Result of Voting:

1  Tony Tan : 35.32% (744,397)
2. Dr. Tan Cheng Bock : 34.8 % (737,128)
3. Tan Jee Say : 25% (529,732)
4. Tan Kin Kin Lian :  4.9 % (103,931). losses deposit.
    Spoilt Votes : 1.8% (37,826)
    Winner won by mere 7,269 votes. (0.3%)
    Mr. Tony Tan (PAP's endorsed candidate )became seventh President of Singapore.


jun said...

my vote goes to tcb too.. n i hope tony has the lowest votes!

Unknown said...

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