Sunday, 11 May 2014

Migrate If You Can !

After decades of one-party authoritarian rule and relentless propaganda from The Shit-Times and MSM,  Singaporean have been molded into an apathetically subservient lot, believing that they live in the best country in the world but actually they are only guests in a hotel.

Dr. Tan Cheng Bock lamented in early 2013 that:

The White paper on population growth has caused great anxiety amongst Singaporeans. They are concerned that as Singaporeans will make up only 55% of the total population in 2030, what will the country become? Easily the balance can tip us to become minorities in our own country.

Singaporeans are currently trying to cope with the daily overcrowding of trains and buses, higher health costs, competitions for homes and jobs etc.......

What is worrying is when PM admitted the govt. did not have 20/20 foresight over the last influx of immigrants......"

With unabated hordes of foreigners still coming in to depress their wages or even displace them at the workplace, reduce them to second-class citizens and a minority in their own country, how much loyalty and love can we expect from local-bred Singaporean for this country down the road?.

If Singaporean's loyalty and love for this country are in doubt, who will then fight and die for Singapore on that crucial day?. Sadly, I think not many will do it willingly. Surely, none of us would give up our lives to defend "Hotel Singapore", a place of transit for a nomadic global population . I sincerely hope I'm wrong!. Unfortunately, this sad paradox is further compounded as a result of this Government continuous pursuit of economic growth numbers to the extend of embracing foreigners as EQUAL to native Singaporean. They totally forgot the intrinsic value of loyalty and violated the sense of love and belonging of Singaporeans. 

Recently, our Prime Minister loudly proclaimed "Singaporean, new arrivals, people who are on permanent residence here, people who are on employment pass here, all participating in one big Singapore family.....this place is special and it  belongs to all of us"

So, he wants the whole world to know that Singapore warmly welcome all "foreigners" to make this small island their home and be part of "Singapore family". As a local bred Singaporean, with parents who have sweated and tolled all their life to build this country to what it is today, do you feel offended and betrayed by this pathetic leader after reading his proud proclamation? Do you feel that "strangers" are sharing your flat and you've lost your space and privacy? Is your years serving NS a waste? Will you lose your sense of purpose in defending our country during any security crisis?. Is our national identity as Singaporean being slowly but surely, eroded?.

Within 5 years, these very new arrivals, PR, employment pass holders and others will be given easy citizenship and become Singapore citizens to a tune of 2.5 millions. Naturally, millions of these newly minted citizens will happily vote for him and that's his open secret. You can call me xenophobic or whatever, for I'm disgusted at his treacherous cum insidious agenda to get easy votes in this manner. If that is truly his hidden agenda, then he's not fit to be my leader and Mr. William Lim's petition (Link) is a small move in the right direction.

While comparisons with foreigners in the past were intended to spur Singaporeans to work harder, faster and better, it created pent-up frustration among Singaporeans who feel demoralized and unloved in their own home. Will you fight and die for your country if you have no feeling of belonging, love and worst, you're a minority in your own land? 

The many wealthy ( MP included ) have already bought an oversea residence to flee to in case of war but the average Singaporean has no choice but to stay put and let the new master decides their fate, as there's absolutely no reason to waste your life for this country that you don't belong.

Look, when a country is overwhelmed and diluted with millions of "foreigners" as new citizens within a short span of time, how can you find a common denominator of patriotism, love and loyalty among the local born and these "foreigners"? As it's already an almost impossible task to forge social solidarity among the many locally bred citizens of Chinese, Malays, Indian and others races, how much more difficult it is to forge the same with these newly minted "foreign-citizen" who don't share our Singaporean cultures in the first place.

The new Filipinos, PRC, Indian and other foreign nationals are here for better economic opportunities but their hearts always belong back home. No matter how corrupt, chaotic, dysfunctional or dangerous home is, the strong sense of belonging to your birthplace always entice you to return to roots, family and community.

Here is a relevant quote from my buddy, Gintai at (Link)

"Even the sea turtles knowing that there are predators waiting for them, they still go back to Trengganu beach to lay their eggs. It’s a built-in innate instinct for those sea turtles from the deep South China sea to 落叶归根 (luò yè guī gēn) and lay their eggs there when the time comes. It’s programmed in their genes. It just can’t be logically explained.
It is rather naive to assume that getting 25,000 new citizens yearly over the next 5 years will bind them here? No amount of money you pump in on ‘social integration’ programmes will alter this fact. It’s akin to those instant trees found all over the island where their roots are not deeply entrenched. They easily got uprooted in a strong tropical storm!"

Today, Singapore has unwittingly gone one full circle to become nothing more than a business hub like we were when we started off as a trading post during Sir Stanford Raffles days. A business hub is a place for smart people to make money and leave without having to entrench their roots. To these smart people, the world is their oyster.

Sadly, the "G" runs this country like a gigantic business corporation. Like directors of a corporation, they watch the bottom line ( like the GNP, on which their pay is pegged ) like a hawk. Every national policy they ditch out must be sustainable with profit. They are adverse to welfarism, preach self-reliance and pride on meritocracy with winners taking all. As a result of decades of such political indoctrination, a vast majority of Singaporean has become pragmatically individualistic, materialistic and elitist like them. 

A Singaporean's worth is now measured by the type of residence he stays, the car he drives, the university he attends, the job he does, the connections and friend he mingles with. And not the character, moral integrity and values he has and holds.Where is the social cohesiveness, community bondage, solidarity, altruistic favour and sweet old kampong spirit?. In such an environment, how can Singapore ever aspires to be a  "nation" in the true sense of the word. She will never become a "nation" and never will, just like how could you grow pearls in cockles, if you get my drift. The closest she can become is a global-city! And as a global-city it belongs to everyone!

Singapore is not a nation. Not yet. Passion, love for the nation, with the people being ready to die for Singapore… these we do not have.
What brings about this scenario? My view is that the people are treated as economic digits, workers for Singapore Inc. with hard-nosed accounting taking precedence in every facet of our policy-making. When this happens, our relationship with the country is merely transactional. 

Now, don't be mislead by the many display of "patriotism" on National Day Celebration. Yes, it does evoke a momentary emotion of "nationalistic" sentiment and that's all it does. The many flags flying at HDB blocks are the work of RC stooges and the thousands of Singaporeans at MBS are there only to enjoy the show. The moment all these celebration ends, every citizen is to each his/her own. Sad to say, when it comes to an acid test at war, many of them will display the "white flag" and hope for the best with the new master. 

At the first sign of trouble here, foreigners with or without dual citizenship can fled to their native lands where they still have connections and the wealthy will settled comfortably at their overseas pre-purchased houses. Where can an average Singaporean go?. Nowhere!. So, do we have the courage to face the reality of our time and do something!.

If you're a young and educated Singaporean family with valuable skill, I would encourage you to migrate to another country. There is nothing to live for in this authoritarian led country as an eventual minority!

Migrate if you can or if not, stay put to change the "G" or get the "G" to change!

P/S: Two interesting posts of "Why the PAP has changed over the years" (Link)    
        And "Why Loyalty is Worthless in Singapore now! (Link)  

P/S: Another very interesting post on something to do with "Migrating Out of Singapore" from one of my favorite blogger "Limpeh Is Foreign Talent" (Link)
Our PM's Quote:
PM: I think that we are in an environment where people have choices.  I just made a speech earlier this week[2], pointing out that whereas in 1960s, our backs were to the wall and you either make a nation or perish.  Today is not so stark, because if you don’t quite succeed, well a lot places will take you.  We all speak English, we all are educated. Amongst the young generation, probably about half have a university degree of some sort or other.  Many doors are open.  So we can only keep this place together as long as people want to stay here and I think that is a challenge.  You want to stay here if you can develop your own aspirations, your own ambitions and careers if you want to bring up a family here, and if you believe that here it is your home. If you believe that, you will make this place work.  If you don’t believe that, well you can be off to New York, maybe one day host a talk show. Many possibilities.


Gintai_昇泰 said...

"She will never become a nation and never will, just like how could you grow peals in cockles!"
I believe you meant "pearls?"

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi Gintai,

Yes you're right. It should be pearls. Thanks for highlighting my mistake. Rdgs James.

patriot said...

Hi James;

me fully agrees with your observation and suggestion to Native Singaporeans to settle elsewhere.
The Future for Sinkies will be very bleak if one is not loaded. Singapore is more expensive than many hotels abroad to live in and we are being exploited by our very own Rulers. It makes no sense to stay rooted to a hotel.

Migrate to enjoy nature and be relieved from stress and heart pain.

Enjoy reading your blogs which are frank and sincere. Thank You!


Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi. Patriot,

It's nice to hear from you again and thanks for your compliments on my post. I'm extremely happy.

Hope we can meet up soon.

James Lim

patriot said...

Thank You James.

Will have Gintai and You for meet-ups, meanwhile You take care.


ChanJY said...

Actually, many pampered Singaporeans only have themselves to blame. Brought up in a sanitary environment, many of us actually tolerate authoritarian rule better than we tolerate rats, mosquitoes, street protests and having to drive 1 hour to go shopping. That's why so many of us are "stuck" here. A foreigner once challenged a Singaporean friend to join him in a bold venture overseas. His first questions:

1. What are the safeguards?
2. Are profits guaranteed?
3. Any perks?
4. What if ....?
5. What if ....?
100. What if ....?

How to migrate like that?

patriot said...

@ Chan JY

Very true in what You said. Sinkies will always ask how to survive in foreign lands despite the Fact that most things, including heavy cost items like housing, vehicle and essentials like food and utilities are much cheaper in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and many other countries.

Sinkies are so urbanised such that they even lack appreciation for nature. Most visit the big cities when travelling in foreign lands. Any places out of cities are 'ulu'(backward) to Sinkies.

In some ways Sinkies are groomed by the System to live in the Way they do. They are soft, risk averse, even spoilt and highly materialistic.

I never have any faith in the SAF's ability to defence Singapore if invaded. High tech defense gadgets are the only reliable weapons.

Having said the Above, I will call upon younger Singaporeans to settle abroad. Go to less developed and less crowded places to live in less competitive and more carefree culture.

Struggling and living in high pressure society like Sin is too competitive and stressful. And our Rulers are making living even worse by the day by allowing aliens from everywhere to come and jab spurs on us and to invade and occupy our space.

Fuck the Rulers.


patriot said...

'to defence' to be corrected to ' to defend'.

My apology.


Hands-On Green Matters said...

To put it in both way, citizens (ideally majority 75%) include those born locally and new-citizens (converted from long-staying deserving PRs).

For those who wish to migrate to Singapore, think properly (if you have high expectation) not only for your current generation.

For those who wish to migrate outside Singapore, plan properly (if you are eligible) for your next next next next generation.

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi, patriot.

Undoubtedly, I share the same sentiments and thoughts of your comments.

Young Singaporean must learn to think, live and survive outside PAP and MSM molds!

Unknown said...

Hi, I came across your blog when I was googling for news about Singapore. I'm an ex-Singaporean. My family is now Australian nd I must say, a lot happier ! Well, my kids are definitely enjoying a childhood here and being what they're supposed to be - kids, free and unfettered.

I just wanted to say hi, stay strong and keep going!

Cheers, jas

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi, Jasmine Bu,

Nice to hear from an Ex-Singaporean.

I believe it take lots of guts to get up-rooted from your native land.

I admire you like I admire my fore-grandparents.

Take care and Good Luck in whatever you do in your adopted home.

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi, Everyone,

Here is a comment from a reader on this post that was featured in TRS recently:


May 15, 2014 at 8:32 am (Quote)

To those who wish to leave Sg

Never too late to “migrate”, let’s meet to discuss, tweet me at @swechua
I considering an EU member (to reveal later). Hope to hear from those who
Are serious.
I am not “green” living in western countries, having lived in UK,USA,Aus.

Perhaps, people think I was joking about wanting to build a Singapore
Community in an EU (European Union) country. Just to prove
That I have ever migraTed before, below is my green card (PR in USA before)

Do not bother to ask me here on TRE for any info and
Ask me why I have migrated to USA or Aust and
Came back, etc etc and want to leave again.
There are so many reasons and I do not have to
Answer to any posts (who only have pseudo names and
I do not know who you are)
Keep your opinions to yourselves in terms of
If you want to stay back and save for the country and
Do not want to migrate, you are entitled to your
Do not “talk cock” with me!!!!
I am not interested to draw two millions Sg away
From voting in the coming election. Anyway, you can
Vote when you are overseas or come back to vote
If you are serious about the destiny of country of birth.
I have no concrete solution to migrate but I know I need to explore the
Opportunity! It may be too late by end of 2015.
So to begin with, tweet me at @swechua and maybe
We can discuss what we can do !!
Do not bother to tweet me if you are not serious and
Are just “talking cock”

Anonymous said...

I regret to say that if you are not a professional and you don't have $2M cash you can forget about migrating.

Putting change to the G or getting the G to change is almost like saying that pigs can actually fly. They are only getting stronger, tougher, more hardened and more structured as we speak.

The only way to beat the system is to maximize along the cracks in the system, if not, join the system.

Anonymous said...

I can see the impossibility to migrate to a better country that Singapore.
Because, one thing our fortune is being locked down by the G..
With fortune, how are you going to get migration rights unless you are going to the 3rd world country?..
Even Australia, New Zealand, such strict immigration rights they have over there.. unlike us.. which are practicing lose immigration policies in the past at least.

Unknown said...

I urged all who wants to migrate to stay 2-3 years in the country first. No doubt, quite a few countries would be better than our island; but you will also find the 'cheaper' countries have many of their problems too. Outrageous crimes, abject poverty, religious fanatism, unreliable utilities and undrinkable water, non-existent public transport, officials' outright bribery. In short, I know of many in the 'cheaper' countries, who have cried their tears dry and heard no help. Sometimes, it is better to stay home, play computer games and read some blogs...Go youtube...Vice channel...slums of Asia...the complete history of Earth. ..

Anonymous said...

I know a FT PR couple intending to buy HDB and rent it out while staying at a condo owned by relatives. They have no plans and think it is foolish to become sg citizens. What have hdb flats become?

Yog Raj said...

There are many players who love the freebies that they receive in these casinos. So they come again and again.

Anonymous said...

But, you need to be realistic. How can you ignore the fact that immigration keeps SG competitive? Look at your favorite migration destinations- AUS, NZ, DE, US, Canada and even UK who are inviting foreign talents with open arms.
Now a quick question- why do you think they are doing this?

Unknown said...

James , I have enjoyed your blog and agree with your views.I was born in Ireland but have lived in Perth for more than 50 years.We are lucky to lead lives that is a lot less stressful and a working man can still have some luxuries.But Australia like Singapore is not democratic.The people that built this country over the last 200 years will be in the next 30 years in the minority.We have a huge intake of Muslims from the middle east.Many of these will never work and already they fill our jails.I girst went to Hatyai 40 years ago.A wild town then.Last time there was 18 months ago and going back there in 3 weeks.I always make time for a trip to Songkhla ,great beach.sorry to read about your fellow taxi driver,so sad to die alone surrounded.James keep the good work up and try to have regular holidays.Ray O Connell

Anonymous said...

But this is home. Take it easy, count your blessings because there are others out there who are in a more adverse situation than us. Change your mindset and maybe then you'll see a better world. It was nice to read your blog though I don't really angry on everything you've said. Take care

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

good day Uncle James.

i totally agree with u on what u said in your blog!
i myself 24 years ago during 3rd night of BMT my love for sigapore already died (been abuse for 7hrs at night) and migration born in my mind! and it get worst when i enter working life was treated like a piece of s%$#!

just renounce my pinky early this year and i made sure my baby was not born in sigapore!
we been really happy with our new found country (Australia) where the gahmen and the people work together and help each other!

sigapore not not like the 70s where people are much friendlier and have kampong spirit now whenever i visit sigapore during CNY i see all the faces like lifeless and stress :(

thank you uncle James for the great blog! :)

Amransan :)

Lixin said...


Which country is suit best for a chinese singaporean like me? any specific asia country?

Unknown said...

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thomas seah said...

well said Mr. James. do you think I can share around so that it can wake up those sleeping ones ?

fularani said...

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