Tuesday 30 October 2012

A Millionaire Cabby with $7,000 per month Earning!

Cabby Muhammad Hasnor Hashim
Wow!!!, looks like everyone in Singapore is mulling to quit their salaried jobs to become taxi drivers, after reading a two full page reports in The Sunday Times on Oct 28, 2012 about two cabbies earning a lucrative income of $7,000. per month!. Who won't be tempted to have a $7,000/month job in cash, coupled with flexibility of working hours, four Sunday rest days, a luxurious car at no purchase/maintenance cost and no irritating boss breathing down your neck..

Soon, The Taxi Academy at Redhill Road will stop accepting students for their taxi vocational license course due to overwhelming response! And taxi operators like SMRT & COMFORT will have no taxis for leasing out to prospective taxi drivers!. Their garages are empty of taxis.And of course, taxi rental will be going up too and soon!!.

Seriously, in my opinion, The Sunday Times had misled the general public by sensationalizing the news based on just two cabbies' earnings, whereas in Singapore we have about 60,000 active cabbies on the road. The only imaginable deed they had done for cabbies is accidentally raising the social status of cabbies, whom most people hold in disgust when they can't get a cab.

Now, if the reporters of the news article had been more"investigative & responsible" in their reporting, they should have verify with taxi operators, like ComfortDelgro, on the average earning of a cabby, based on a large number of respondents. There was no mention whatsoever of an average cabby earning in their news reports. Instead, they chose to sensationalize the stories of the two exceptional cabbies and highlighted their amazing earning abilities. Only tabloids in Hong Kong does such highly irresponsible and sloppy news reporting. I would consider this news reporting as tabloid fodders.

The news reports had given the public the wrong impression that taxi driving is an easy cum lucrative business and an ideal career choice with lots of interesting adventures.

Worst, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) will soon be scrutinizing every cabby's income tax declaration for the last five years.

Imagine, if a cabby under declares that he earns only $2,500/month (instead of $7,000/month), IRA would have missed collecting millions dollars of revenue from cabbies in the last 5 years. Instead of paying Zero income tax, a cabby should have paid $2,790 income tax per year, based on an $84,000 annual income. Multiply $2,790 for 5 years, the amount is $13,950 per cabby. And multiply that with only 10,000 cabbies. The amount is $140 millions, enough for another over expenditure at the next Youth Olympic. Do you think the IRAS will keep an eye closed when they realized that they had missed that astronomical amount of revenue?.

Remember how IRAS had gone after some popular hawkers stalls and fined them hundreds of thousands of dollars for failing to pay income taxes!. So, that two "Smart Alexs" and The Sunday Times had done IRAS a great service. And my buddies are now awaiting a notice from IRAS in the not too distant future. I better start saving now for income tax payment!

I think The Sunday Times news reports also contained lots of half truths and unsustainable facts.  Let me explain from my perspective, knowledge and experience as a cabby for the last seven years.

1. If that cabby - Mr. M. H. Hashim, 32, drives for only 8 hours and take home nett $200 per day after paying his $50 fuel and $100 rental, it means that he collects $43.75 per hour or $0.73 per minute. At that rate, he is occupied on the road with a paying passenger every minute of the 8 hours, with no waiting at taxi stands, airports or anywhere. Is that possible?. I'm sure you have seen long taxi queue at shopping malls, airports and empty taxis cruising around with no passengers. But Mr. M.H. Hashim is occupied in all the 8 hours with a paying passengers! How preposterous and incredible!

2. From my experience, on a very good day, like Friday or Saturday nights, when driving for 8 hours a night, I collect about $30 an hours or $240 per shift. So after paying $30 for fuel and $52 for rental, I take home about $158. On other not-so-good days, I take home about $90 per shift. In a month of 25 days, my income is about $3,000. The day shift driver earns about 20% less at $2,400 because there is less surcharges. Even, if a driver drives two shifts of 16 hours, he gets about $5,400 per month (not $7,000). But can a single person drives 16 hours a day without breaks for 25 days a month? It means, he is left with only 8 hours a day to eat, shit and sleep! Impossible, unless he is a robot. So, either Mr. M.H. Hashim had boasted, exaggerated or lied and The Sunday Time had irresponsibly reported it.

3. Taxi driving is a very competitive business with about 20,000 taxis on the road most of the time. If you line all of them in a straight row, they stretch from Woodland Checkpoint to Marina Bay Sand casino, a distance of at least 50 kilometers!

Passengers are not always around for us to pick at will. Often, we cruise around empty with no passengers in sight or race against each other to get the few available. Of course, most taxi drivers know where the busy spots are and because of this fact, there is always a long taxi queue at these popular spots, like the airport, Orchard Tower, casinos, disco, etc.etc.

No one taxi driver is smarter than the other. In reality, our earning often depends on our luck, not just time spend on the road. During a heavy downpour, with most roads clotted with traffic jams and few commuters, many taxi drivers takes a "safety break", which also mean time lost. I think it's wiser to sit out the rain than to hunt for a fair with higher risks of accidents.

After mid-night on poor days, I get about ten empty taxis surrounding me at traffic light junction, each racing off for nothing.

4. Eight out of ten taxi drivers are not healthy. Most had all kinds of health problems, like kidney, heart, stomach, bowels diseases. I have several friends who quit driving because of health and other problems, like assaults, fair cheats, traffic fines and the inevitable traffic accidents. Like some jobs, taxi drivers trade their life on the hazardous road for a living. We're on our own with no social safety nets and the fittest survives, exactly what LKY encourages. 

Now, coming back to that $7,000 a month cabby - 32 years old Mr. M. H. Hasim. If he saves about $3,000 a month from his lucrative $7.000 income, he will become a millionaire at 55 years old after 25 years of driving a cab. So, if you're 30 years old now, quit your job and follow Mr. M. H. Hasim to become a millionaire cabby. Don't wait. Join the Millionaire Club.
$7,000 per month Cabby - Mr. M.H.Hasim

1.  Read more of the $7,000/month cabby at this link http://dotseng.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/the-fairy-tale-of-the-7000-per-month-singaporean-taxi-driver 


Anonymous said...

Muah Strait Times got exposed!

Anonymous said...

This guys is a clown.
A PooKEEM Mark one.

Anonymous said...

Well, you forgot to add that some cabbies only do disposals on an hourly basis. Those probably earn more and even more if they do disposals and picking up passengers.

Anonymous said...

WHats a disposal?

Gintai_昇泰 said...

We have retards everywhere. Once a while, they just show up in the press etc for the sake of publicity. Those are self glory seekers! It affects the rest of them. Langgar!

Anonymous said...

$2,790 income tax per year, based on an $84,000 annual income. Multiply $2,790 for 5 years, the amount is $13,950. And multiply that with only 50,000 cabbies.
>>> hmmm.... shouldnt the final figure be 700 million instead of 7 billion? <<<

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi, Everyone,

Thanks for all the comments.

Yes, should be 700 millions not 7 billions. This old man is very poor in maths.

Hi, Gintai, Nice to hear from you again. Want to become a cabby with such a good income?

Ahmad Sahal said...

I came from same company as Mr Hasnor. Premier Taxi Company at Changi. I will check with him the secret of making $7,000 a month? Driving in Singapore road today is NO JOKE..Especially in the morning and evening, East to West. North to South.. BLOODY JAM..JAM..JAM..JAM.. may be Premier got new modification taxi, that can fly above the ground... I will find out and have a cup of coffee with him..

Anonymous said...

If I met this Chap on the road,will show him my m.. finger .

Anonymous said...

The $7,000 taxi driver is either very stupid or very boastful. What in it for him to attract the IRAS and potential robbers?

Anonymous said...

The two taxi drivers. They belong in the 3 sd, or 5 sd? Exceptional

asingaporeanson said...

Sir, I booked my ticket to fly back from Perth to embark on my 3rd career as a taxi driver.

Reading this broke my dream.

Anonymous said...

I work 16 hours a day as well, and I can tell you for a fact, it is possible and I have no complaints, because I earn $10-$20k per month. Anything is possible as long as you have the will.

Unknown said...

Pinch of salt... that is all i can say.

Unknown said...

Oh yah... i just wanna add...
I took my TVL exams this morning. Passed modules 1 & 2, failed 3 & 4. Failed 3 & 4 coz' i was due to time constraints. Not quick enough to complete all the questions. Maybe i'd have passed them if had more practice & road planning knowledge.
It wasn't terribly difficult, but getting only 60 mins for each failed module was frustrating.
Only 6 or 7 passed out of 28 students. Retest will be taken again on 2nd Nov. For those who wished to obtain a TVL anytime soon... do it now. It will get increasingly harder for sure.

Unknown said...

Is that photo above really him?? If it is, he's not supposed to pick up passengers directly from the terminal entrance/exit. He will be receiving a "love letter" from LTA real soon.... like tomorrow.
Plus, 8 hours plying the streets & earning 7k/month is ludricous. He have to be earning from another source to supplement his higher than usual income. Its the only way to earn that much. I know coz' a friend of mine has done it consistantly before.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Datuk Taxi,
Don't worry, I will look for you once my company decided to get rid of me! I'll learn the ropes from you. You be my mentor on how to earn a living as a taxi driver. I don't need $7K lah. I'm not that ambitious. If I can earn between $3K to $3.5K, I'll be very happy! Money is not everything. Your health, leisure and rest are more important than money. Make sure don't langgar or you will be suspended! Wish you all the best! Happy driving.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, some people are just harder working, smarter and more astute than you are. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

I'm a taxi driver and my income has never reached 7K. At most, 5.5k and once it went as low as 1.9k only. 7k is hard, but it's not impossible.

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi, Gintai,

Don't call me "Datuk" lah!. Everyone will think I'm fifty rich like that "retard". Honestly, earning $3k to $3.5k is not impossible but takes a lot of hard work and a helping hand from lady luck.

Ok to langgar to bit here and there lah! Life is short. Why take it so seriously. After watching Dr. Richard Teo's video at Yahoo News today, what you just said sounds like his echo.

See you at the taxi rank soon!

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...


I'm certain that those who say earning $7,000 per month for driving 8 hours a day are not taxi drivers themselves. They are empty vessels.

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...


I forgot to add that it's possible to earn that $7,000 for even less than 8 hours of driving.

Drives a "loan shark" to harass debtors at various address and get paid $150 per address!. 3 address for 3 hours of work, you get $450. Multiply that with 25 days, you get $11,250 per month without income tax.

I know of someone who is now behind bar because he's smarter and more astute than me.

Clavin said...

Hi All Greeting ^_^ trying out Posting Comment Sorry :(

Clavin said...

Hmmmmm ...(just pass my test on 16oct with 2 try) waiting for my new TDVL letter from LTA , nowaday is slow , one of my friend receive after 3weeks ,out of the blue hear this story bring me to deep thoughts ....haaaa but lots of them will be disappointed as today getting A TDVL is so tough like taking Exam in college ! By self obtaining it Cost me $600+ and duration of 7 month , is so stress attending class (21 night, 7pm-10pm ) while having a day job . tkssssssss

Anonymous said...


Many here don't grasp the simple concept that what is unusual or exceptional is considered newsworthy.

Think about it. If the ST featured a 'normal' cabby's life in a feature story, how many people would care? After all it's something most of us already know (or think we know)

The fact that ST highlighted the 'special' ones who earn more than the norm already makes it clear they are not usual.

Just look at all the buzz on facebook and blogs such as this about the report and you can immediately see that ST made the right choice in reporting the story as it has generated all this discussion that would not have taken place without the story!

Anonymous said...

Yes James. I understand. I understand completely why you felt the need to set the record right by sharing seven years of your experience as a taxi driver in Singapore.

This really only leaves one more question on the table after this.

Cui Bono - who benefits from all this?

I thank you for sharing James.

Darkness 2012

Unknown said...

If every taxi driver drive 16hrs one day he/her and their pax will be hired to the HELL. Then people will burn hell money which comes with very big figues $1, 000, 000, 000, 000 per note. Do you want the money? Please lah work smart not work that hard. If you work really hard, you may gave a very good harvest, but life is short.

Anonymous said...

128 bughoonEither The Straits Times has no more good news or this is a cover up for some bad news . This is done especially so when our country losses millions or billions of dollars.This is a common happening in Singapore .Don't forget they control the press . Is this news sensational ? Yes !! Of course . The Corruption cases came out juicy .Right? Why should that be so ? Corrupt is corrupt , Why create juicy news with details for the public ? Cos people like it .Then people will not pay attention to other news , they just don't care .The more juicy the better .Talk of the town . Why should the ST suddenly dig out this supper gay a commoner that makes $7000 pm . More important is the type of illnesses that come with driving for long hours that the poor driver has to endure to make a living .I have a friend who was a cab driver with a big company and who works really very hard .After many years of driving ,with so many illnesses that follows due to extensive driving non stop he finally written himself off the road . After which he totally can't work not to say spending thousands and thousands of dollars in and out of hospital .
Don't you think this news is fishy ? We'll have to wait and see . Some big news should be coming soon .

Anonymous said...

Who stands ro benefit most from this write up? What is their goal? What are they trying to accomplish through the apparatus of mass assimilation.

Cui Bono.

My name is Darkness and I want to know what is the goal?

Anonymous said...

Let's say it's true that one can earn up to S7k a month for driving a cab. But what's the use of working so hard and earning so much only to find that you have developed a chronic back problem or other medical problems associated with driving on the road for almost 8 hours for 6 days per week.

If I drive even for 1 hour straight, I already find myself exhausted and my eyes very tired because it needs a lot of concentration, make worse if the traffic conditions are trying.

So for all the money there is, think of health problems one will face eventually. The Shit times is just simply irresponsible for it's one-sided reporting.

limabd said...

Reminds me of the SGD3000 dish washer job.
Next we'll have a cleaner or security guard claiming he's hitting SGD4000 or more a month.
Anyone for this cheap publicity?

Fat88Trader said...

I think there is a flaw in your calculation of $2,790 for Income tax based on Annual income of $84,000. There are personal reliefs, medical fees, etc that you can deduct from your income.

gm . 绿效精神 said...

The rosy picture of a world-class cabby that looks up only for high-class customer/ high-earning route/ high-price package/ ...?

Congratulations, you are in Yahoo! news for a good cause. The answer is crystal clear.

Anonymous said...

Maybe darkness the farmer has a point. What is the motivation? Who benefits most from this sort of write up?

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi, Everyone,

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and all the comments on my post. I'm amazed and grateful. It had rejuvenated my dying interest in blogging. Honestly, to write after "drive" is tough. The bed is easier.

Now, "what is the motivation" in ST article?. I think the answer is at "Limpeh is Foreign Talent" post: http://limpehft.blogspot.sg/2012/10/the-politics-of-envy-in-singapore.html

Thank you again and May God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

No James that not the reason. One more time please. If you and rest here don't mind. What is the motivation for printing this story?

Tell me James. I want to know how it's like for you to drive a taxi. I want to really know deep down how' its like. Can you please share with me what goes through your mind before, during and after your shift. Please I hope you will not consider my request an imposition.

You see James, in my next book. I am considering featuring a taxi driver as the main protagonist.

I would consider it a personal favor, if you could humor a farmer who spends most of his time alone in the evenings all by himself in his plantation.

Darkness 2012

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi Darkness 2012

You really want to know what is really deep down in my heart and mind during my shift?.

From the start, I must say that I'm
just one among thousands of taxi drivers and my thoughts definitely are not representative of others. Each one of us has different motivations and comes from different background and are unique individually.

Anyway, I'll do you a favor and write what goes into my mind right now without edit.

Ok, I hate begin a taxi driver and wish I could do something else to make a living. On the other hand, it's an easy and sometime fun job. So, my feelings shift frequently. I envy my friends who are do not have to work for a living now as they had accumulated retirement fund or are running their own business with good social standing. Taxi drivers are not like MP with good social standing. But than I'm glad that I'm healthy with a good family.

I must get to the wheel each evening albeit reluctantly because I committed to pay rental and had place food on the table and enjoy my occasional beer with puff. Once behind the wheel, I'm focused to do a good job. Each passenger I got made me feel good and when they left I felt lousy as I had to hunt for another "prey" like a hunter. I felt most "miserable" when I missed a passenger to someone else. But I moved on. I look at my taking and watch constantly. If had enough collection or earning for a shift, I'm tempted to break and call it a day at my handout at coffee shop with my buddies. Here, with my comrades, I felt most happy.

Sorry, Darkness. It's late. Need to stop and get to my wheel. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gintai,
Jus wan to share wif n all, taxi MBA:-

zero said...

don't you think it all started with sakae sushi's 3K dish cleaner recruitment? it's either the media is becoming the 'NOOSE' nowadays or those drivers are boasting shamelessly. it's seriously annoying to put up fakes, not just fakes, but ridiculously fakes, instead of facts about this taxi saga

Anonymous said...

So you are arrogant or ' 害群之马' ?

Anonymous said...

His cab must be running water not fuel and company call jobs non stop!

Anonymous said...

But not a trouble maker to the cabbies!

Anonymous said...

This trouble maker might cause future problems to the cabbies soon!

Anonymous said...

How many k 'each month,? How many millions each year? All can speak loud freely! Kindly tell cabbies...Health Is Wealth(main point) ! Good Lucks n blessing!

Anonymous said...

May consider to your 3rd career but not the 2nd trouble creator to the innocent cabbies! Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Oh... Than as a cabby, yearly tax must declare very well too?

Anonymous said...

I also dream that becos of such 7K cabby's, it cause other cabbies have taxes problems with IRAS? Omg, hope it's just a dream not a nightmare.....

Anonymous said...

But I guess, from the taxi meter, taxi companies, n by the IRAS records...true n truth will be the answers.

Anonymous said...

U r now famous! the spokespoerson for cabbies! SPH should interview u!

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi Anon...

No, Thanks. To be famous is the last thing I want. I write to make a dull job a bit more interesting, nothing more. Maybe to leave something for my grandchildren (if any) to read when I'm gone in the not too distance.

Clavin said...

yaaaaaaaa Most of us goes for simple living , but Real world try to stops us from doing so ....$ $ $

Anonymous said...

I have learnt so much from your blog & your insights into people & life in general are very wise! I always hope one day to ride in your cab with you for some interesting chat! Please keep blogging :)

Anonymous said...

If just lead a simple living, be CONTENTED and Real world will be Out too. Thanks for the sharing.

Clavin said...

haaaaaa just switching my job due to Age , physical reducing , and looking for a stable income of about at lease 2500 , out of the blue 7000 kicks in .... everday got new knowledge to dig in ^_^

Anonymous said...

You know what, Mr Taxi,
Before I start, I am not trying to say to be a taxi driver is lousy. Drive a Taxi is a career with passion to drive and serve. Driving is not a dumping ground for the skilled unemployed being squeezed out due to bad policies.

The article gave a strong signal that the policies maker knows what is happening on the ground but they bloody have no idea how to fix the problem. The article suggests:

Foreign/Local Companies:
When foreign/Local companies prefers only prefers to employ qualified foreign managers/cheap foreign manager, Singaporeans have another solution, be a taxi driver to drive and make rich.

Foreign managers/Cheap foreign manager of Foreign/Local Companies:
When foreign managers/cheap foreign manager of Foreign/Local Companies prefer cheap foreigner talents, Singaporeans have another solution, be a taxi driver to drive and make rich.

I strongly believe, our G thinks that most Singaporeans are not the material to be in the management level to live in Singapore that has a high cost of living and will live in poverty given working at below management level. Singaporeans now have another solution, be a taxi driver to drive and make rich to have house and children.

If you want and love to have more children to support Singapore G TFR aim and buy a rediculous high valued house to house your family but you are unable to reach a management level due to possible citizen discrimination or possible education capabilities, hence drawing a low wage due to extreme excessive foreign talents in the labour market, you have only one more chance, be a taxi driver to drive and make rich to have house and children.

Foreigners are welcome; everybody has equal benefit. Liabilities, Singaporean males’ only.Uniquely Singapore; land of possibilities where everyone is equal but there are people that are more equal, foreigners included.

patriot said...

I sincerely thank Hasnor Hashim for showing us that some in authority has spoken lie. It was claimed by some leaders not too long ago that taxi fares have to be increase.REASON GIVEN WAS THAT TAXI DRIVERS WERE NOT EARNING ENOUGH. Who does by the way? $1500 security guards, $700 cleaners, $1200 food stall assistants and $1300 retail salespeople?

Why was taxi driving vocation single out for special treatment?

Hasnor, I am very proud that You are hardworking and honest. Your revelation apart from proving some of the Leaders lied, also probably wake up the folks at IRAS. Folks there may have been misled by some irresponsible leaders.


Once a Mercedes Taxi Driver. said...

The average income for Taxi Driver is $2500 per month.

Yes. You can make up to S$7000 or more a month for average 16 hours per day.

Please note: You need to have good connection link work with fellow members and 5 Star Hotel that have booking on fixed rate chartered service from $25 to $45, and hourly booking $35 to $45.

Side-income are: tips from generous customers ranging from $5 to $50.

Through my experience, sometimes, i had recieved tips from $200 and $800 for accompany them for pubs hopping.

Once in a while with extra commission from seafood restuarants, brothel in Geylang and Russian call girls.

Not every Taxi Driver have that connection and luck sometimes.

Clavin said...

ya , looking forward to earn some Bucksss :) 7k will kill me , happy with 2.5

ben ruth said...

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Anonymous said...

FYI: I read one blog, and with this article you made me to wanna go and visit Singapore. While I was reading feels like I was there. http://weblaaah.blogspot.sg/2013/03/what-i-loooooove-about-singapore.html

Anonymous said...

Uncle James, I take home only 2k from my day job with 8 or more hours of work..

I'm considering to try out to be a taxi driver so we can also sell our family car. It costs about 1k+ to upkeep a car..

So it works out to be quite feasible and I will have more flexible time to send and pick children from sch etc..

My hb still has his full time job and I will switch to be a taxi driver.. Just slightly concerned about the safety of lady drivers. Wonder if you can share any story on this?

Btw I enjoyed reading your blog tremendously


Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi, anon,

In Singapore it's perfectly safe to be a lady taxi driver but I would advise that it's better for the lady to drive the day shift for obvious reasons. Many ladies are joining this trade. I saw a Malay woman taxi driver with "head dress" the other afternoon and I admire her "dignity" and courage to do this job.

Ladies, Welcome to the Rank sincerely!!

James Lim

Sree said...

What is a disposal?

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Hello from a Singaporean in France! I enjoy your blog. My father used to work as a cabby for 10 years ( he quit due to poor health), but knowing him, he would surely nod his head in agreement with so many things you said. Infact I think your blog is awesome as cab drivers have the most interesting things to say. Love your blog !

Unknown said...
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Prqe said...

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Gintai_昇泰 said...


Thks for the link. Very interesting read.

Dawson Taxi said...

Hi, its nothing bad to start taxi driving at 55. And yes taxi driving emerges as high employment section. Taxi and cab sector produces many jobs. Thanks and keep this type of posting.

moanmend said...
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Anonymous said...

Uncle, how are you? Things has gotten worse no in 2017. The once banned Ba Wang Che is now out again in the form of GRAB and UBER. Even the undergrats at about 20 years old are driving cab now; without any training, and without any responsibilities.

Things are getting worse and downhill (faster) since LKY kicked the bucket. His rookie son has a kid like mentality and is managing the country like running a hawker center. What ever sells, build more. Whatever cannot make short term money, close it down.

Half the factories in Singapore has closed down. More are driving cabs. Soon, Singaporeans may only have the option of driving cab, hawker cleaners, or salesman/ property agent. No need university (PAP says) , anywhere can hav sex (PAP says), the economy is good (PAP says), and all the gullible and stupid 70% are digging their own graves (and their children's too).

Anonymous said...

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