Thursday 19 July 2012

Alternative News Media

It's great to be back on the road again earning my daily bread - the fun way. There are so many things I love about being a taxi driver -- the unpredictability of each shift with different people and the endlessly joy of visiting places that I would never visit on my own in this small island of Singapore. The other beauty of cab-driving : I can start work at any time I want without having to worry about being late for work and getting into my boss's bad record. And I can also stop, eat and sleep whenever and wherever I want and decides how much I want to earn or lose each day. But there are also a few things I hate being a taxi driver, like traffic jams, accidents, some inconsiderate drivers and difficult passengers. And of course, the general low respect for taxi drivers. I suppose other drivers and my passengers loathe me similarly and I, too have no respect for cheapskates.

Now, I had an interesting encounter on the first day of my return to cab driving.

In the early evening hours of last Friday, a Causasian lady of early twenties jumped the queue at Clarke Quay and boarded my cab before I could reached the taxi stand. I was hesitant to accept her as there were many traffic warrants around. I had recently lost quite a bit of money on traffic fines and certainly do not want pick another one so soon. But she had that kind of enchanting look, with a gorgeous body and a sweet voice that made me threw all discretion to the wind.

"Sir, please take me to N.T.U. Thanks for picking me outside the rank". she said sweetly and softly into my ears.

"My pleasure, lady. Nobody ever call me Sir. It's usually "Uncle" for an old man like me" I replied with a cheeky smile and stole a quick glance at her low cut neckline.

"I'm an exchange student from Germany and tonight is my first night out after a month here". she said proudly.

"Wow, but you look fabulous, more like a "Miss Universe" than a student. You're a voluptuous beauty" I mischievously exclaimed with my tongue rubbing along my lips, trying to get her excited and happy.

But she was not responsive or amused and then her mood changed abruptly.

"Pay attention on the road and drive me home quickly" she said brusquely.

I was stunned and searched my soul for what I might have done wrong.  Maybe my mischievous "accolades" had made her thought that I had prurient interest and she became defensive. Dead silence engulfed my cab in the following few minutes.

Then, suddenly "I love Singapore"..that familiar sweet voice came to my ear again.

"Uncle, do you love Singapore?. she asked surprisingly and leaned forward to gave a light tap on my left shoulder.

I gave her a startled stare and replied matter-of-factly. "Yes and No". Anyway, I was in no mood to talk to a psycho.

"Tell me the "No' part, Uncle, please" she implored me like a young girl begging her father to buy the favorite Barbie doll.

"Are you writing a thesis for your doctorate?. I asked in satirical jest.

"No. I'm just an under-graduate studying for political science degree back home". she answered tenderly with a childish smile that melted my heart instantly and I forgot my earlier frustration of her.

Moreover, as the journey would take another half hour or so to complete and it (anti-establishment) was my favorite topic with foreigner, I went on full throttle.

"Miss, get your pen and writing pad ready because I'm going to blast this place with multiple machine guns"  I said jokingly with my waspish tongue.

And she quickly took out a miniature pen-shape recorder from nowhere and said "I'm ready"

I was pleasantly surprised at her enthusiasm.

This was our short dialogue.

"Uncle, why and what you don't love about Singapore"

"No, I love Singapore, my country but not the government of the day".

"Why not, they have transformed this swampy land into a modern metropolis"

"Yes, you're right. But what about things you can't see with your eyes"

"OK, tell me more"

"No, I can't tell you more because you need to sit down with me at a quiet place and we need a whole day to go through every aspects on this topic seriously"

"Sorry, Uncle. I can't sit with you at a quiet place and......"

"Ok, I suggest you logon to to get the most comprehensive alternative news media in Singapore. At this website, you'll get a daily dose of mostly nonconformist news that are not reported in the government controlled news media. Well, I think I should concentrate on my driving so that you can reach home safely".


Gintai_昇泰 said...

Welcome back. Nice to see you blogging again. Yes we all love Sg Daily. They are doing an excellent volunteer job providing us with interesting news in an aggregated form. Its thru them that I got know many blogs. Cheers to them.

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi, Gintai,

Yes, I share your view and its thru them that I get to know your incisive blog. Long Live Sg Daily.

James Lim

Anonymous said...

Well, if an old man who is driving my taxi checks me out, licks his lips and makes comments on women's bodies, it is disrespectful and would piss anyone off from any culture.

Maybe funny in Singaporean context but that was rude.

Rose Maria said...

Funny Youtube video ideas?
alternative media website

Rose Maria said...

What is your favourite spiritual song from bollywood?
Lord I need you - (Chris Tomlin)

Gary White said...

Whats the beat called for songs?

Unknown said...

What are some slow/sad rap instrumentals?
lil uzi vert

Anonymous said...

Good Up-Beat Instrumental Background Music?
Giulio4 x pope - BRICK N A GOYARD BAG(Official Video)

Unknown said...

Whats the beat called for songs?
Brose Royce - F#ck Donald Trump (Music Video)