Sunday 4 March 2012

A Job at Sentosa Cove

See, But No Touch!!

Tuesday nights are always slow night for cabbies with few customers. I decided to head up to RWS's casino (Resort World Sentosa), to queue for an assured passenger with a $3 surcharge, instead of cruising around with only a slim hope for a fare.

On the way, a booking came in to pick someone at the exclusive Sentosa Cove. My system displayed "Mrs.Susan L......" as the customer and immediately images of the infamous Dr. Susan Lim's bungalow flashed through my mind. For the benefit of my overseas reader, Dr. Susan Lim recently sold her bungalow at Sentosa Cove for $39 million, making a handsome profit in the millions. She also has the dubious distinction for charging the Sultan of Brunei an exorbitant $12 million for treating his dying relative. Undoubtedly, she is a smart doctor with great surgical business skills. I'm sure many officers in the upper echelon of our government held her in awe and admiration, as they would consider their million dollar salary meager in comparison with her's. Not me.

Anyway, when I pulled into the slopping driveway of the huge mansion at the given address, I parked behind a sport car just sitting there. Shortly, a middle aged white woman stepped out of the main door. She paused, snapped her fingers, turned around and went back in. This by itself was nothing out of the ordinary, what was strange was how this lady was dressed.

This lady was wearing nothing but a tank top that was practically see through and a thong - a strip of fabric passing between her thighs and attached to a band around the waist, exposing her buttocks!. About 30 seconds later, she reappeared with a set of keys and went to the door of the sport car parked in front of me. She opened the door, pressed a button and the trunk of the sport car popped open.

So there I was sitting behind this open trunk of the sport car, knowing that this lady wearing next to nothing is going to have to bend over to get something out of the trunk of the car. With my jaw dropping to my steering and eyes popping out like goldfish, I did the only respectable thing. I reversed my cab a bit and put my high beams on so she could see what she was looking for!

She threw me a smile, bent over and rummaged around in the trunk of the car, pausing only long enough to see if I was checking her out. There she was in all her glory, bent at the hips, her buttery nether regions fully exposed for the whole world to see and she was totally fine with it.

She retrieved her purse, pulled a $50 from it and shuffled to my window. As she passed the $50 to the maid, she smiled and said to me in a breath reeked with alcohol, "Send them to........ Goodwoood Park.  If you want to see more you can always come back after your shift is done"

I was pleasantly surprised at her sexual shenanigans and graciously reciprocated her facetious offer with a broad smile. I'm physically and financially not ready for a rendezvous with her at my age.

A second later, a Filippino maid and a very young white girl got into the back of my cab and we drove off. As we pulled out of the driveway, she stood at the back of her sport car and lifted her nearly see through tank top to expose her ample set of boobs! She must be crazy, intoxicated or bellowing for attention.

Unfortunately, to an old man like me, the images of her physical assets were like a flash in my memory, gone in a second. But, this booking job at Sentosa Cove is embedded in my memory forever.  


YellowSub said...

Hi James,

What I am more curious to know is .. was the $50 for you to keep or you have to return the rest of the change ?? You got the makings of a local Harold Robbins you know ...

Widi Dede said...

Wow good experience..!!!

Just FYI, there’s an event for bloggers and the prizes are iPad2 and Cash Find the info here

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi, YellowSub & Konde.

Thanks to both of you for your comments on this posting, I really appreciate it. Keep them coming. I'll try my best to answer everyone of them.

Yellowsub, What do you think? Do you think that the white lady will ask me to keep the full $50?. No. She asked me to return the change, which is rightly so. As a cabby yourself, you would know we don't get good tips often in Singapore. Tipping is not customary here.

Good Luck to all and take care!


Anonymous said...

You mean Sentosa Cove

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi, I'm terribly sorry for my spelling mistake. Yes, it's Sentosa Cove not Clove, no pun intended. Thanks for alerting me to spelling mistake.

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