Wednesday 15 February 2012

Humor - Missing Denture

I look like him without my denture!

I had a medical appointment at N.U.H. this morning to check my throat for cancer tumour. Lately, I produce guttural noises whenever I speak and tend to lose my voice when I talk too long. I used to sing like Tom Jones, holding my friends attention in awe and admiration, ha,ha.ha! But, now my once pristine voice had become raspy and hoarse like a croak of a toad. My 45 years of cigarette addition is starting to show it's destructive effects on my health. Honestly, I really wish I could stop smoking immediately but it's only wishful thinking, like many things in life. sigh!

Anyway, I took a cab and arrived punctually at Clinic F of NUH new building, after navigating through the many passage ways using the many confusing directional signs. At the registration counter, I was told that I could use my Medisave if throat endoscopy is done and the $3.15 processing fee for using my Medisave is waived. I would have felt disgusted if C.P.F. had continued with this day-light-robbery charge. Why?

Medisave is my blood, sweat & tears money and why should I pay for using my own money, although it's a negligible amount. Do I pay my banks when I withdraw my money?. No! Do you know that I would loose my taxi licence and my brother cannot operate his bicycle shop if we fail to top-up our Medisave annually?. Frankly, I had to take my hat off to this government for their many genius policies of compelling its citizen to pay for their own upkeep. This government don't believe in giving free lunch. In Cantonese, we say "nah sai nah call sei" - "you die is your problem, don't bother me". Is this right? 60% of Singaporean gave the thump up!. I don't know what to say.(LINK)

On a happier note, something happened in the doctor's room during the throat endoscopy that make everyone laughed their guts out. This is what happen.

"Doctor, please let me remove my denture before you push that thing into my throat. I don't want to die of suffocation here." I said mockingly.

The young doctor quickly handed me a few tissue paper from his dispenser with a pleasant smile. I wrapped my full set of denture completely with it and placed it on a side table among many medical instruments. It then looks like a tennis ball of trash.

"Uncle, everything looks fine inside your throat, no tumour." the doctor said and I heaved a great relief.

"Hey, Where is my denture?" I asked after discovering that it had gone missing from the side table.

"OMG, I think my staff must have thrown it away" the doctor answered in disbelief.

Both of us guffawed as we slowly began to relish the funny part of the situation.

Luckily, my discarded denture was found, sterilised and returned to me an hour later or else I would look like the funny old man in this picture for the next few weeks.

Tonight, I'll probably start my work a bit late as I need to catch up my lost sleep. But I had to drive a few hours more to re-coup the nearly $100 spent at NUH. sigh.



Suren said...

visit to the dentist is always so dreadful ... nice video at the end .. hahaha..

dentures and dental services said...

Thanks for sharing it. This sort of stuff must be shared by people time to time.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Lol! U shld read feed feedmetothefish blog. He talks a lot CPF!

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi, Gintai,

Thanks for your pointer to feedmetothefish's blog. Yes. as an old man with a big sum held by Lee's dynasty for their "manipulation", I've similar grouses. What he wrote on CPF is absolutely true. I don't think I'll live long enough to use my money in my CPF. Sigh!

AddictedtoAspartame said...

Nobody LOVEs going to the dentist. But, you have to do it. Its part of life and I'm sure you'll feel better afterwards. Good luck.

Denturist said...

Imagining a person without denture is very critical and ugly looking. They are essentials in a human body.