Monday, 31 October 2011

In a Week of my Life

A week came and gone. Two things came into my possession in the past week.

First, I got this talk-of-the town iphone 4S on Saturday. I wasn't craving for it. In fact, I hate it. You see, StarHub, my service provider, deactivated my old SIM card and I could not activate this new "micro-SIM card of iphone 4S for my immediate use. So, I was essentially left without a cell phone for the following 3 days. As you know, nowadays, you can't leave home without a cell phone. I got it cheap though. I paid a cash of S$350, after redeeming my gift voucher and contract renewal. Meanwhile, I'll have to use a pre-paid card with a new cell phone number till my old number is activated. (An update: On Monday, I sold my 4S 64GB at a retail shop for $1,300 - a quick profit of $950. Good money for a poor man like me)

Second, I got is this new battery operated torchlight cum pen. It beams a fantastically bright wide angle laser light. It shapes like a pen but has a long and slim flexible tip that beams the light. You can use it to write in the dark with light shown on your writing pad. It's made in China and cost $5.

Last weekend was the start of Halloween, a western festival with activities such as trick or treating, attending costume parties, visiting haunted attraction, playing pranks or watching horror films. Both young and old enjoyed dressing in Halloween costumes which are traditionally modeled after monsters, ghost, skeletons, witches and devils. It's getting popular in Singapore, especially among the young English educated people. Unfortunately, with the last minute cancellation of the Halloween celebration at Night Safari in Mandai Zoo, the place resembled a movie backdrop for a sci-fi movie where everyone on earth dies. Last night I was at Night Safari for about 45 minutes and in that time I saw one lone person moving.

Clark Quay was a different story though. Even on a normal weekend, this place is a beehive of activities. I can't understand why people likes to get into a bedlam of such maddening crowd. I had to drop my customer about half a kilometer away from that jam-packed place as I simply couldn't move my cab at all. I was stuck for nearly an hour. What can I say about that night? Well, it was one of those nights where you would rather play a game of 13 cards poker with your buddies than wasting your time and money in a horrific traffic jam. Oh well its over now and all I have left is to remember never to pick a customer who wants to go that hell-hole place on a Halloween night. It's is crowded with thousands of devils and ghosts.

On Wednesday night, I had this young chap wanting to drop off at Hotel 81 at Rochor Road. At first I thought she was a boy as she wore a cap over her balding head, carried a sling bag, wore dark bermuda pants and T-shirt. Only upon chatting with her that I discovered her gender. She had an interesting background. She is a Singaporean, aged 19, and is staying at Hotel 81, waiting out the Thailand flood as she intend to visit her grandmother who stayed there. Her father is an Australian and mother, Thai. Her parents are Singapore PR and she was born here but was brought up in Australia till 4 and returned to stay in Singapore till now. Her parents had recently sold their residence here and she is sick. She spoke and look like a local Malay. Her life is like a movie script that develops at the whims and fancy of the script writer.

Yesterday, I changed the template of this blog. I hope you like it. If you have any suggestions or comments, I love to hear it. Thank you for reading my postings. I appreciate your patience and support. Please do come back again. Normally, I've new entry every week. May God Bless You!

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