Wednesday 12 October 2011

Your Cheating Heart

                               Miss Yamie Yeo of Media Corp.

I was busy like hell last Saturday night. And it was one of those nights when demand exceeded supply. 

Around 11pm. at Clark Quay, two females were desperately trying to gain possession of my cab. They arrived simultaneously from both sides. I chose the girl on the left as she had arrived a moment before the other. I made a right choice because she turned out to be a sweetie and left me with a story. She was a local Chinese girl in her early twenties and looked like Miss Jamie Yeo, an actress with Media Corp.

As soon as she got into my cab and after telling me to send her to The Sail, a luxurious apartment at Shenton Way, she got on her cell phone and began talking to someone. I didn't pay attention to her conversation as I was gingerly maneuvering through the heavy traffic. We arrived at her destination in less than 10 minutes and she asked me to wait.....

We waited and it went on like this for five minutes. A cab driver makes very little money waiting on a super busy night. So I began to show my displeasure - and then she did something I really didn't like. She suddenly opened the door, said she'd be right back, got out of the cab and went into the building, without paying or depositing anything! There was nothing I could do as she flew off like bird within a second.

Ten more minutes went by and as I was just about to drive away, foregoing the charge, she reappeared. Looking downcast and dejected, she asked me to drive her home to Sixth Avenue in Bukit Timah. I was shocked to see her face. Before she went into the building, she had beautiful eyes, perfect lips and a fair, smooth face. On her return, her eyes were red with tears, her lips had traces of blood and her left cheek was somewhat swollen. I guess someone had assaulted her.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"I'm fine. Uncle" she answered sobbingly. 

I began asking questions after she calmed down. Although she was clearly traumatized, she answered me in a measured tone. And this was the story...

"My passenger, whose name was Amy, had been talking to John, her Indonesian Chinese boyfriend, on the cell phone. She wanted him to join her at this bar, but he wanted to stay home. She then decided to persuade him in person, without him knowing.

In the hall, she saw him nude and in intimate relation with her classmate. Not surprisingly, hell broke lose. Her classmate assaulted her when she tried to forcefully separate them. Both Amy and John are twenty-one years old. They both went to NUS university, and they've been dating for about a year. The guy is a jerk and had cheated on her." 

I tried to console her like a father and advised her against making a police report because the police would classified it as a non-violent civil case and need a magistrate order to investigate. She had no witness and no weapon or serious injuries were inflicted. Though she had suffered some injury and injustice, it was a blessing in disguise as it was her boyfriend who had cheated her and not her "prospective-husband". I advised her that it was better not to wash dirty linens in public. I'm not sure whether she heed my advice.

I knew too many stories like her. I knew how boys cheat on girls and girls cheat on boys. How they got carried away by passionate emotions of love at tender age and live to regret thereafter. But many recovered from their traumatic heartbreak and became a wiser person in the management of boy/girl relationship. I hope Amy is one of them.
                                       Hank William's Your Cheating Heart.

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Neha Parikar said...

That is the interesting experience of your. I am amused by your detail. Thanks Astrolika