Wednesday 13 July 2011

Ghostly Trip

Old Chinese Graves in C. C. Kang Cemetery.
For my first post, I would like to share with you a real life "ghostly" encounter and hope you will enjoy reading it and come back to visit my blog again.

What I’m about to describe is most definitely my first and hopefully my last encounter of the ghostly kind. It's strange and scary like hell and I hope time will erase the horrific memory of it.

Now, my buddies know me as someone who don't believe in ghosts or anything that can't be proven or I can't see. I’m the biggest skeptic ever and I always find a more rational explanation for odd sightings. But in all honesty, I'm a timid guy.

This was what happened.

It was about 1.30am when I dropped off a student at NTU's  (Nanyang Technology University) hostel. A rare call-booking came in to pick someone at a columbarium near a Chinese cemetery off Lim Chu Kang Road. As the distance was near and my day taking was bad, I accepted the booking instantly and rushed to the pick-up point. Soon, I reached the columbarium after passing through a large cemetery with old Chinese graves everywhere. I had an eerie feeling as the area was dark, silent and deserted. I told myself "There is no ghost in this! What are you afraid of" and turned my radio louder to calm myself.

At the dimly lighted columbarium, an elderly couple in white sleeping gowns suddenly appeared from nowhere, like an apparition. They ambled slowly towards my cab. From a distance, they looked downcast and dejected, unhappy in their demeanor. Under such circumstance, I usually withdraw from being the chatty cabby and would just concentrate on sending them to their requested destination. I didn't make any initial eye contact with them and have no idea how they look like close-up.

I heard the doors closed and the lady asked feebly in a strange voice to go to Bishan ST 22, which coincidentally was a former cemetery but now a sprawling housing estate. I pressed the gas and set off without a word and without looking backward. Throughout the journey, there was complete silence at the back and the only sound in my cab was the music from my radio. I felt uncomfortable but restrained myself from breaking the ice of silence.

About half an hour later, we hit Bishan St 22. Finally, the old lady broke the icy silence said in a soft eerily voice, ""   "OMG, what kind of a spooky, creepy voice was that?", I asked myself, with instant images of ghosts seeking repentance flashing in my mind. At the same time, I was surprised at her strange drop off point as there were no houses nearby, only foliage of a huge park.  At 3 am, the park was dark and deserted, like the earlier cemetery. I quickly stopped where she wanted and timidly turned around to collect my fare and stole a quick and timid glance at her.

My heart missed a beat...her look......oh my god!, send me shuddering with cold sweat and still haunt me in my nightmare.. Please forgive me for not saying more about her ghastly looks...I want to erase all the horrible images of it.

Looks notwithstanding, SHE WAS ALONE! I was convinced I had TWO passengers when I last heard the sound of two doors closing. OMG, Did I just met a ghost?...Anyway, she slowly paid the fare, got out and walked unhurriedly, with leaden step into the dark park, disappearing into the air like a puff of a cigar smoke.

I was petrified with horror and my pant got wet.. Terrified as I was, I still got out of the cab to check that nobody was lying on the floor. I saw none!! And "ssoooof"...Off I flew like a jet. Wow...believe me, it was a true happening.

I swear never to pick any passenger near a cemetery at night again.
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pirate said...


Newbie taxi driver said...

How can it be a ghost when she pays you (i assume) in S$?? Unless you get hell notes, then maybe.

Diary of a Singaorean Cabby said...

Hi, Newbie Taxi Driver,

I would have died of instant heart attack if she had used hell note for the taxi fare. LOL!