Monday, 27 June 2016

Why I left City Harvest Church

I reproduce below a worthy comment from "Annoymous" on my post "God & City Harvest Church"   (Link) for your reading pleasure:

"Hi Uncle,

I've just left CHC and in fact I never regret making this decision to leave CHC for these reasons:

- Prosperity Gospel

- Mismanagement of funds & the mismatch of the church's report on how the funds were being misused & the media, which is based on the evidence presented in the court.

- Lack of remorse from the church leaders as Kong Hee's apology in the church service days after the court verdict was released are not genuine.

- All 6 charged appealed for lighter sentence, which I find it absurd because if they are truly repentant, they should accept this punishment as a consequence for their actions as though God forgives them, but yet He wants them to accept their punishment as a consequences for their actions before moving on to walk right with Him.

- Obligating members to give tithes and offerings (as the church tithes and offerings envelope on the front side which looks like a corporate envelope, and on the back of the envelope, there is a form indicating to write your personal particulars and cell group name and cell group leader, and also with the option to pay tithes using credit card payment (which I find it intrusive especially when it is supposed to be privately between you/I and God)

- Crossover project, even if right now they did not proceed with that anymore, but their emphasis on "cultural mandate", which they termed it as, are tied and often they "justified" it as God's mandate over cultural mandate through the means of the crossover project, which I felt contradicted especially when a wife of a senior pastor (Sun Ho), sang secular pop songs and dress scandalously that it is too revealing and stumbles many for her so-called faith in Christ.

- Sun Ho's ordained as reverend pastor in CHC is indeed disturbing to me as well as mentioned in my previous point which has her name tarnished in 2007, and eight years later in 2015 she was being ordained as a reverend pastor is "total absurd" especially when her controversy has not waned due to the 5 year long CHC court trial.

Lastly, I agree with all the previous comments as basically this has to be warned as though CHC currently has 39.2% of Suntec shares, and I felt that members of CHC are still ultimately God's people, just that they are being steered into the wrong direction as they were mislead by their leaders, thanks to this fatal doctrine of prosperity gospel & their emphasis on materialism and status, which is contrary to God's standard of being wholehearted unto Him by fully focus on Him instead of these temporal things on earth, which these people have all failed, and that is that CHC members have failed to understand that their treasures and riches are all stored in heaven, and not on earth."


Anonymous said...

Religious liars and a city in denial. A corrupted entity doing good is like the mafias doing good - absurd, outrageous, fatalistic, misleading and with an intend to corrupt minds and spirits.

However, such corruption is permissible because we need to grow gullible and stupid people to keep Sin going.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

They say the fastest way to become rich is to create a new religion.

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Anonymous said...

Frauds everywhere, even in Christianity. Pretending to teach the Gospel but deceive the gullible at the same time, like those cunts Benny Hinn & Creflo Abdul Dollar. That woman should show her big nipples too ! Today, the Bible has become a salad dressing. The real motives are accumulating money & riches. Fucking around, like Creflo Dollar. All talk without real positive action.Look at the 40,000 or so homeless in Los Angeles alone. What have the "Good Samaritans", Benny Hinn & Creflo Dollar done for them ? NOTHING !! Kong Hee is another one with his dick up his arse. Scammed City Harvest Church along with his wife, Sun Ho. Well the Sun never shines in certain places. Sun Ho has to prove that wrong !