Thursday, 8 March 2012

Politics in My Cab

"Our Model Worker. He'll works till his last breath & leaves his CPF to his children ""Good.
Well done!!".!

The most interesting thing that happened last night was my encounter with an old scruffy and impecunious Chinese man I picked up in Chinatown. The interesting part was his endless rhetoric about this government and got me to start "Politics In My Cab".

As a preface to my label of "Politics in My Cab", I would say that passengers seldom initiate nor engage the driver in feverish exchanges about social and political issues of the day. It's usually the taxi drivers who has a tendency to air their grouses to their passengers, treating them like ombudsman. And often they dispense unsolicited political opinions like seasoned politicians. I dare say that taxi drivers rhetoric are usually from "hear-say" and perpetually anti-PAP. I know because I've many taxi buddies and I take cab too.

Am I like one of them who obstinately take a single stand of "anti" everything and a cantankerous? Yes and No!. Yes, I'll become polemical when tourists attribute Singapore's achievement solely to LKY's contributions and No, when the same tourist attacks the negative mindset of Singapore's workforce. What I'm trying to say is that Singapore's success is not due solely to a single person, but also to a small team of equally intelligent and dedicated men, like Dr. Toh Chin Chye, Goh Keng Swee, etc. More importantly, the early hard working people of Singapore were the fuel that drove the engine of success, not the engineers alone. But the enterprising and "dare-to-do"spirit of the yesterday workforce is now replaced by the "kia-see"(fear of dying) and "kiasu" (fair of losing) of today's pathetic workers, who relish in their comfort zone. The latter represents about 60% of the people of Singapore. One day, they might become "kai-see" (deserve to die) and "kai-su" (deserve to loss). 

Now, coming back to the old man I picked at Chinatown. Though he was shabby dressed in un-ironed shirt and pant, he has an intellectual look, with thick rim spectacle and neatly combed dark hair, like Mr Chai Thye Poh (Here) and "Here" . OR Dr. Lim Hock Siew (Here)

This is his dialogue with me.

He started off by saying loudly,

"I hate LKY and his PAP"


"I hate LKY because of his cruel acts when he became the PM of Singapore in the early sixties. He was like an elected "dictator", who incarcerated all his political opponents into jails for decades, claiming they were all violent communist revolutionary and a threat to national security".

"The end justifies the means, Right?. 

"Right my foot!. Till today, this government had not come out with any proof whatsoever to confirm beyond any reasonable doubts that those detained under the obnoxious ISA were truthfully communist revolutionary. They were never put on trail. The opacity of the detention haunt the public till this day."

"They were nipped in the buds before they could blossom, Right"?

"Right. They were a threat to LKY's ambitions as PM then. Like dictators the world over, LKY "killed" them off to protect his rule and his subsequent "dynasty".

"No, what LKY did was for the good of Singapore. Right?

"Shit! You still don't get me. If LKY had allowed his opponents to survive and flourish then, he would not have been a PM for 30 years. He would not have a free hand to rule Singapore like a dictator. The only difference between him and President Marcos, is that he did not stashed his money in Europe, which is something he could easily do. His son would not be PM today and his daughter-in-law, a CEO in Temasek".
He would probably be a retired Senior Queen's Council".

"But, without him, Singapore would have been be a poorer place, Right?'

"Maybe. Nobody knows. We can only conjecture". In the beginning, he was good but today Lee no longer deals with his equals like Devan Nair, Toh Chin Chye, Lim Chin Siong...etc...etc. He only deals with his chosen appointees like Goh Chok Tong, Tony Tan, Lim Boon Heng etc. Lee's appointees did not earn position and power the hard way but had it conferred on them by Lee. They are highly qualified men, no doubt but nobody expect them to possess the gumption to talk back to the increasingly self-righteous know-all that LKY has become. Further more, the bread of those who conforms is handsomely buttered. Just keep your head down and you could enjoy a million dollar salary a year. Raise your head and you would lose your job, home and be harassed by Internal Security Department, like Mr. Francis Seow. 

"Now, what you don't like about PAP?

"There are so many things I hate about PAP. Basically, you've to "Pay And Pay" until you drop dead. Even when you're dead, you (your surviving relatives, actually) had to pay the mortuary before they can collect your dead body. They give you something with a right hand and take it back with the left hand. Another thing I hate about PAP is..........."

"Hey! we're at your drop off point".

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Gintai_昇泰 said...

Hahaha! Lol ! Good one. Actually you were the one who instigated that poor old man to carry on with his cantankerous rants! If u just kept quiet I'm sure he would have shut up. Langgar!

James Lim said...

Hi, Gintai,
Nice to hear from you again. Yes, you're right. If I had shut up, he wouldn't had rank so much. Sometimes, I like to change the protocol of letting my passengers do all the talking. By the way, what is Langgar? Bye..